What is Dental Inbound?

A Place Dentists Can Buy Advertising Campaigns


How are we different?

We take full responsibility for your ad campaigns. Here’s what that looks like:
  • We have proven campaigns already to go for specific services such as hygiene, implants, cosmetic, emergency, pediatric, dental sleep and numerous others.

  • We research the demographics and psychographics of your local geography and let you know what campaigns will bring you the most success.

  • We develop messaging that will best influence the people in your market. We are obsessed with great creative that stands out!

  • We determine the media that will best deliver those messages. Whether it’s online, direct mail, radio, or a hot air balloon, we will find the most successful mediums in your market.

  • Each service has multiple ads with numerous call to actions so we can determine what your community will respond to.

  • We implement service specific landing pages. These pages are designed to introduce the doctor and their passion for that service. When someone engages in an ad it is exactly what they were expecting.

  • What really sets us apart is our dental front desk that represents the doctor’s assistant so they can book appointments straight to the calendar from phone, email, text, or chat inquiries. No more missed opportunities from the staff!

The Challenge For Dental Offices:

Status Quo

If people are not in the habit of going to the dentist it’s hard to get them to start.


As great as technology is, it has allowed too many distractions for people in their everyday life. It’s very difficult to get their attention.

How Does Dental Inbound Help?

We are a dental advertising company of humans not machines. Our job is to get the attention of the people in your hyper-local area and influence them to engage with your practice.

We don’t focus on one message for the entire community. We focus on different messages for each type of potential patient. You won’t get the attention of a mother of three with a denture ad of two seniors riding a bike.

Promoting relevant services to people that are most likely to act is what we are best at!

We have tested our formula over the past decade and found a realistic solution that works for any practice in any location. We take the demographics of your area and market to each potential patient with a message that is relevant to them.

Meet Our Management Team
Ben Shaver
Ben ShaverLead Strategist & Consultant
Sara Harb
Sara HarbSales & Marketing Manager
Tay Fewell
Tay FewellCreative Manager

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