Dental Advertising Campaigns

New Patient Campaigns

Dental Advertising Campaigns for Hygiene
Dental Direct Mail Advertising Campaigns

A very popular choice! Most dentists use these campaigns as a gateway to get higher end cases. This is also an excellent choice for getting associates more new patients.

Messaging: Our most common ads for success include: $99 New Patient Special, Free Sonicare, Discounts for military and seniors, $100 off $500 or more in services, convenient appointments if available, free meet and greets for participating offices.

We list out the hygiene services available and try and have some fun with the creative.

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Dental Advertising Campaigns for Teeth Whitening
Dental Advertising for Teeth Whitening

We suggest using these campaigns to help bring in those individuals that are looking to enhance their smile without complicated procedures. It’s great for young professionals that are hard to reach, brides, and moms looking to improve those selfies.  All they needed was that Free Whitening ad to put them over the edge.

These campaigns need to be consistent but the rewards are the greatest as almost all patients that come in need to have at least a cleaning.

Messaging: There are several messages to reach whitening buyers. There are numerous searches for teeth whitening, and same day teeth whitening. This is great for those that need the high-end whitening package. The free whitening comes in only second as far as campaigns go to the $99 new patient special. For those that don’t like the word free just say complementary and attach it to a cleaning appointment.

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Dental Advertising Campaigns for Emergencies
Dental Advertising for Emergencies

For the dentist that’s on a budget and needs new patients now, this is a great choice! This is also great for practices that have a full hygiene schedule but would still like to see more new patients.

Messaging: These campaigns are most successful when we promote walk-in service, same-day treatment, or comfort appointments. It’s also important to mention sedation if you provide that. These campaigns are done primarily on our search platforms so that reduces the cost by not having creative ads to produce.

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Dental Savings Plan
Dental savings plan advertising

Dental Savings Plan Campaigns are great for internal referrals but they are also great to attract new patients without insurance.

The top two reasons people don’t go to the dentist are because they are either scared or concerned about cost. Help them by not making cost an issue.

If you need help setting up a plan and maintaining it we have resources for that as well.

Messaging: We usually promote with price or discounts for seniors and families.

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Cosmetic Patient Campaigns

Dental Ads for Implants
advertising for dental implants

This is where the money is! These campaigns can sometimes take longer to influence your community but the payoff is always worth it. We work diligently using proven methods that help answer common questions, quell fears, and convert the patients on the edge.

Currently, there are over 140,000 searches a month for dental implants nationwide. It’s time you take advantage.

Messaging: We have tested numerous ads over the years but it’s best for practices to have designated times for the doctor to do free consultations. Several clients in the past have hosted “meet the doctor” events. Advertising for these can be very successful and the opportunity to listen to the doctor speak in a relaxed environment is very helpful.

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Dental Ads for Invisalign (Clear Aligners)
dental advertising for invisalign

We’re not sure why every dentist isn’t promoting this. Since this is a product more than a service don’t be scared to discount. There are so many potential new patients on the edge as it relates to Invisalign and most say cost is the issue. Over the past couple of months, Invisalign searches have reached over 150,000. There’s significant interest so take advantage! You are very aware that those clear aligner patients turn into life long patients.

Messaging: As we mentioned above, don’t be afraid to discount. I’m not talking about doing a Groupon. I’m talking about giving a great price point that people on the fence can’t pass up. We realize the $1,000 off or $1500 off is a very popular promotion but people are 10X more likely to respond to Invisalign for $3999. Let’s discuss.

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Specialty Campaigns

Pediatric Campaigns
dental advertising for pediatric dentists

Pediatric Dentistry has a lot of great options when it comes to advertising. We have seen the most success looking at both promotions and education. We will run ads that get people to our promotional messages but we have also found success creating sponsored content. These are articles written for those young moms that may not know when or why they need to go to a pediatric dentist.

Messaging: For promotions, we have had great success with the Free under 3 campaign. This is free exams for all children under 3. It not only gets them used to being their pediatric dentist but gets the siblings in that are already over the age of 3. For content, we write about the needs of when a mom should bring her child in for their first visit. Different foods they should avoid and other helpful articles that have them engage with your practice and book an appointment.

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Dental Sleep Advertising
dental advertising for sleep medicine

Dental Sleep services have been a great addition to many of our practices. Most people don’t know that there are alternatives and one of those is the dentist! With 100s of 1000s of searches each month involving sleep disorders, the practices promoting this are seeing great benefits. The biggest being once you help a person with their sleep issue you have them as a dental patient for life.

Messaging: The best messages that we have executed in dental sleep are the ones that lead to a quick quiz they can take to see if they have a sleep problem. Then provide them with a free consultation. Using content to help those researching the topic is helpful as it captures people in the research stage and gives them another option.

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Orthodontics Campaigns
advertising for orthodontist

Orthodontists have seen many challenges the past few years. With general dentists doing more Invisalign and referring less it’s making it harder to obtain new patients. Our campaigns are designed to combat that.

Messaging: We tend to find that when you’re going after kids, parents like to get a second opinion. Being available for consultations is usually the best way to get immediate patients in. Establishing yourself as a thought leader through content is a great log-term play.

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