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This is the beauty of what we do. We put together 90-day plans for all the practices and distribute the budget based on each individual practice’s needs. It’s not just one price for each practice. It’s a scalable solution that puts your investment where it will have the highest return. Most clients spend between $500 to $5000 a practice.

Absolutely! We have several clients that have the resources in place to execute the media but need strategic planning. We are available to design brand guides, content strategy, and quarterly/annual marketing plans.

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We have over a decade of doing this and have experience executing campaigns in just about every medium. We have found messaging is the most important. Develop your brand and execute it over several channels. A good mix of online and direct mail generally has the best response.

Your website is everything. It is where future patients will go to connect with you. It can’t be an online brochure. It first has to show that you understand the needs of your patients. Then it needs to show the look, act, and feel of your practices. Finally, it needs to be easy for them to take the next step. We have the team to help you accomplish this.

We have call tracking, ad scoring, and ROI indicators available for all our campaigns. We are different in that we help you track attrition rate and patient acquisition costs. Real progress happens when more people are walking through the front door than the back.

Unlike most dental marketing companies we are full service. We have marketing consultants, web developers, online search specialists, digital marketers, social media planners, videographers, content writers, media buyers, direct mail brokers, and community development consultants.